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December 12, 2018
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012913Email regarding torn W-2's
Updated On: Jan 29, 2013

From: John Neary []
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 11:20 AM
To: Young, Blaine; 'Hose, Mitch'
Cc: Owens, Thomas; Doug Brown Staus, Molly; Kurtz, Jody; Lori Depies

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Commissioner Young & Director Hose

I am currently receiving calls from some of my members regarding torn W-2’s. It is my understanding that payroll knows about the problem and reissuing new W-2’s. By concerns go past this in regards to identity theft and false tax returns. The calls I have received to this point. The employee has only received a portion of their W-2. This means their name, address, social security # and wages for 2012 can be in someone else’s hands. Identity theft can be as simple as paying for these employees to acquire Life-Lock Identity protection.

The issue that has far greater consequences is the filing of a false tax return as part of the identity theft. The IRS has published annually they receive thousands of falsely e-filed tax returns as part of identity theft schemes. The missing part of the employees W-2 has provided all the necessary information for a thief to file a false return. The thief now has to enter a bank account for direct deposit. They receive the electronic deposit and close out the account. As you can expect the IRS places the problem on the individual whose identity has been stolen. In  many cases, these returns are for thousands of dollars. When a false return is filed, the person not only loses their refund, but also responsible to return any excess amount claimed on the false return, basically guilty until proven innocent. In every case the taxpayer usually has to pay out of pocket for an attorney to represent them to avoid paying the excess refund plus any penalty and interest charges.

My members are coming to Local 3666 for direction. Since payroll has notified these employees the W-2’s were torn in the production process and still mailed. I am hoping Frederick County is formulating a plan to help or assist these employees in the case their identity is stolen. I look forward to hearing to your response on how the county will work to protect their identities and assisting with future costs associated relating to restoring their identity if stolen.

John Neary
Career Fire Fighters Assoc of
Frederick County, MD Inc.
IAFF Local 3666
P O Box 371
Frederick, MD 21705-0371
Cell # 240-674-4295

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